About the project

With its impressive club history, VfL Bochum 1848 can point to roots dating back to the 19th century.

The key data of the LEDCON flagship project LED display technology in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion in the middle of Bochum are also impressive.

As a full service provider, LEDCON implemented the three-track overall project in the summer of 2022, consisting of two new scoreboards, the overall installation of the LED boards in Power Pack format, as well as equipping the press conference room with a digital Fine Pitch LED press backwall.

In June, the dismantling of the existing display boards was started and the extension of the substructure on both sides, each 80cm wide, to the new, larger display format was begun.
Subsequently, the modern Upix III LED modules were installed and put into operation. In addition, the entire controlling system was rebuilt. At the end of July the result and especially the differences to the old system could be seen: With now 6.67mm instead of 20mm pixel pitch, the scoreboards, which have grown to 8 x 4.5 m each, offer more than 11 times the number of pixels with an increase in total area of 17%. The old 4:3 format with 320 x 224 pixels has been replaced by a modern 16:9 format with 1200 x 675 pixels each.  

The use of modern LED technology is also reflected in other factors. Despite an increase in the size of the overall display, the weight of the LED technology of a display panel was reduced from 2.6 to 1.25 tons. It is very pleasing that the average energy consumption could also be halved despite the increased image quality and size.
With a final commissioning of the project in April 22, the time schedule of the overall project with realization up to the start of the Bundesliga season can also be described as very "sporty" in thematic terms.   

The image quality shown is of such good quality that a campfire played on the scoreboard during an event was mistaken for real fire and caused a false alarm at the Bochum fire department.

"At the end of 2021, we decided to replace the old scoreboards from 2004 for the 22/23 season. LEDCON understood our requirements right from the start and quickly presented us with a finished concept from the planning of the statics to the implementation. Despite global supply bottlenecks, we are proud to have presented our new scoreboards with LEDCON in time for the start of the 2022/23 season."
Tom Uhlenbruch
Purchasing VfL Bochum 1848


Per display

8,0x 4,5m

Per display

1200 x 675 px

Power consumption
Per display

≈9kW (Average)

Weight LED cabinets
Per display


0 %
0 %
1 0 x
0 %


432 meters
LED band

In addition, the installation/commissioning of the new LED perimeter wall on the playing field was started at the same time. The band, which is designed as a power pack in a central position, achieves maximum visibility of the perimeter advertising in the stadium as during the TV broadcasts.

In total, Unilumin installed almost 330 m of Usport X 10 in the first row of belts and an additional 102 m of LED modules - both 90 cm high - in the second row of belts.

NovaStar Controlling

As with all LEDCON measures at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion, the entire NovaStar controlling and power management system was completely rebuilt and implemented.  


Finally, the work at VfL Bochum 1848 was rounded off with a free-standing, rollable press back wall. This serves as the new background/digital sponsor wall for the press conference broadcasts. At 4.8 x 1.35m in size, the VN 1.8 modules used ensure an outstanding and highly professional appearance. This trailed sub-project was realized in the record time of less than 6 weeks and offers the club the possibility to place twice HD side by side on a total of 2560 x 720 pixels.

"As with the major projects in the last two years, the pandemic and the disruption of international logistics routes, among other things, repeatedly rendered all project schedules invalid and required permanent optimization and adjustment. Despite an extremely short project phase and all adversities, we provided the building permit, structural analysis, construction and installation on time. Once again, we were able to deliver a full-service stadium project on schedule. The cooperation with VfL Bochum 1848 was very pleasant and characterized by mutual trust. I am very proud of the entire LEDCON team, who again gave their all!"
Christoph Struck
Project Manager