Advertising in other Dimensions

The task was clearly formulated: The previously static advertising pylon on the B9 in Koblenz was to be digitized.

The height and proximity to the busy main road were considered a challenge to be mastered.

After extensive planning, static calculations, sounding of the LEDCON product to be used and time management, the advertiser was equipped with the LEDCON UPIX 20R module /450 x 640 pixels within a few days.

The B9 is one of the most frequented federal roads in Rhineland-Palatinate. It connects the cities of Koblenz and Bonn and counts about 83,000 vehicles per day at our location. Commuters between NRW and the Moselle valley as well as supra-regional visitors to the city of Koblenz will see the advertisements displayed in the Koblenz North industrial estate shortly before the Europabrücke bridge glowing by day and night.

From now on, the advertising space in Koblenz will be digitally recorded. To place an advertisement, only the motif is required as a JPEG and can be put online within one working day. Without production lead time or costs, a circuit is very flexible and can be implemented quickly.