Early in the morning the cock.... crows

At the latest when an oversized 2-metre rooster in Ankum in the Osnabrück region rises with impressive fanfares, lolls about and then attracts attention with a full cockcrow - then everyone on site knows: the "Uncle Otto" is open.

In the tranquil Ankum, in the direct vicinity of the imposing Artländer Cathedral, an exciting shopping and gastronomic event location was created with a great deal of love for history and detail in, on and around the building of the old Hotel Schmidt. The heart of the new place-to-be is the "Onkel Otto", which represents a symbiosis of luxury chicken roasting and state-of-the-art event/lifestyle gastronomy.

Innovative....Event....Lifestyle.... these are the key points where Ledcon comes into play. For the owner Georg Dobelmann (the owner of almost 100 "Postenbörse" shops) an LED wall was realized for a part of the large outdoor area of the restaurant. Besides good tips for the next events from now on the visitors can enjoy the Bundesliga, Champions League, Formula 1 etc. as entertainment with a self tapped beer.

The 3.5m x 2.0m screen is optimally positioned and clearly visible up to the well-frequented cathedral forecourt. With a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, the LEDCON SPix series offers an impressive image for discussing Hamilton's current lap times over a cold drink or cheering on his football club.
For the permanent installation LEDCON designed the final realization of the SPix screen as well as the entire substructure and the surrounding passepartout. Here, in cooperation with our partner LS&IT Media from Leer, an active soundbar was installed for the necessary sound reinforcement, so that the right stadium feeling can be created if required.
Especially the favourable positioning of the screen on the side of the building of the premiumburger institution "Georgetown" belonging to Uncle Otto in combination with the SPix-typical high-contrast image even with wide viewing corridors will attract numerous visitors of the well-frequented location in the future and inspire them to let themselves be spoiled at Uncle Otto.

KEY facts

Special features of the project

In addition to the surrounding cladding, a sound bar was integrated under the screen in cooperation with the business partner LS IT & MEDIA GmbH & CO.KG. For this purpose LEDCON developed a special passpartout, which can accommodate the loudspeakers and adapts to the overall appearance of the screen.

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