Rheine, 17 September 2021 | Press Release LEDCON Systems GmbH

Decades have passed since the Olympic Games in Munich, yet the Olympic Park in Munich, which has been nominated as a World Heritage Site, is still a unique place full of life.In Munich, the sports facilities built for the 1972 Olympic Games continue to be used as event venues beyond their initial use for the sporting competitions. For this purpose, the entire infrastructure with its unique architecture has also been established as a globally renowned leisure and event centre in the heart of Munich.

Stadtwerke München and OMG, who are responsible for the maintenance of the Olympic Park and the Olympic Hall, are gradually implementing a modernisation process in line with the preservation order. Another step towards the future is the replacement of the old projection systems, which no longer meet today's requirements in terms of resolution, brightness and contrast. For visitor control and infotainment, the Olympic Hall will now use the latest LED large-screen technology.

Since the summer of 2021, the Olympic Hall has therefore come up trumps with a technical treat for all visitors. No matter where visitors are standing or sitting: With the newly integrated LED displays from the turnkey solution service provider LEDCON Systems from Rheine, every happening fascinates from all seats with an ideal viewing angle and a razor-sharp image.


In future, all visitors entering the inner multifunctional event venue will be greeted by the new digital highlight with a total of 190sqm² of LED screen surface. As a direct replacement for the previous projection systems, six LED displays, each measuring 7.2 x 4.0m, with a pixel pitch of only 3.1mm and a resolution of 2304 x 1296 pixels per screen, have been installed. The visibility of the entire installation is complemented by two displays positioned behind the seats at the east and west entrances to the interior area, each measuring 3.6 x 2.0m, with a pixel pitch of 2.3mm and a resolution of 1536 x864 pixels.

The special challenges of this project in the Olympic Hall lay in the small construction depth, the low total weight of the LED displays to be integrated, as well as the requirements to take into account the protection of historical monuments. The six existing panels intended for the installation of the LED surfaces are located behind and above the last rows of the audience in the arena. Thus, accessibility and safety clearance had to be determined during planning and installation. Another key point was the weight of the LED displays. These were not allowed to exceed a certain value, as the integration took place in already existing trades.

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The new, modern LED screens mounted on the projection surfaces of the listed steel scaffolding of the lighting bridges and ventilation systems are already fascinating when switched off. When the content is running, the 190-square-metre screens will create a real 'wow' effect on the audience. In the future, advertising content, event notices, information and every little detail will offer a picture experience comparable to domestic high-resolution 4K/UHD televisions in view of the very low pixel spacing. The entire feed technology was designed for 4K/60Hz workflows with complete redundancy, so that the customer received a fully comprehensive solution from a single source. The project is completed by a long-term guaranteed support from
LEDCON Systems with fixed contact persons and service level agreements beyond regular office hours.