Digitised Outdoor advertising


Urban flair in the Mühlenkreis 

Digital signage for facade

With his young company "Urban View", founder and owner Dominik Fieron aims to transfer modern forms of advertising communication to rural areas at suitable locations.  

The current project is an impressive 5120 x 2880mm LED screen from LEDCON.
Cleverly positioned visually on the Modetreff Oldemeyer building in scenic Lübbecke Nettelstedt, the screen will provide content for a commuter frequency of over 10,000 vehicles on the B65 every day.

At the same time, the approx. 15m² outdoor screen achieves an enormous increase in visibility and conspicuousness of the area around the fashion meeting point, which includes a supermarket, an orthopaedic studio, a hairdressing salon, an Italian restaurant and an ice cream parlour.

The good position and frequency of use make the LED wall just as interesting for advertisers of international/national brands as for regional/local companies.

The display, which is optimally adapted to the façade of the building, creates an impressive and high-contrast image with the UPix-L outdoor series used. The pixel pitch of 6.67mm used allows for a respectable overall resolution that offers the viewer of the LED wall an impressive impression, even from close up.  

15m² LEDCON video surface

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