Design monopod

Double-sided LED premium monopod customised for MHKW Rothensee


Rheine, 14.07.2022

State capital Magdeburg - in the morning at 6:47 am. Rush-hour traffic rolls past the new LED display from LEDCON on August Bebel Damm.

The design of the mighty roadside display makes it clear from the very first time you drive past: this is the way to MHKW Rothensee!

With its considerable height of almost 8 metres, a stately visual axis and thus a lot of attention is generated for the power plant. This is underlined by the overall design, which is completely optimised to the client's CI. On top, the logo of the MHKW Rothensee was mounted as a decoupled backlit illuminated advertisement over the entire width of more than 5m.


More than 44,000 households are supplied with heat and as an industrial company, the MHKW is one of the most important employers in the region. In addition, the topics of sponsoring and social commitment are part of the public image of the power plant.  

So there is a lot to report on the newly installed, double-sided LED display. 

Thanks to the robust outdoor technology of LEDCON's UPIX L series, a wide variety of content can be displayed 24/7, 365 days a year, on demand.

On the 2 x 14.75m² LED displays, the operator will be able to use the NovaStar controllers to display information about the waste-to-energy plant and potential entry information for the more than 200 lorries that enter daily, as well as digital signage information from the city and the country or about the games/activities of the sponsored clubs such as 1 FC Magdeburg or the German handball champions 21/22 FC Magdeburg.

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