Digital signage Indoor

Münster Central Station

21m² LEDCON SPix 3.9 mm video surface

At the end of 2019, the new reception building of the main station has been opened in Münster. The new building, which cost 40 million euros, has a glass façade and, at 8,000 square meters, is twice as large as the old one.

Around 68,000 rail passengers board and disembark at Münster station every day. A logical conclusion to rely on digital advertising in the reception hall. For this, Deutsche Bahn relied on LEDCON LED displays. LEDCON acted as full service provider in this project. Planning and development of the entire LED system, installation of the system including substructure, electrical distribution and hardware, commissioning, as well as an EMC test were provided. In addition, our client relied on a maintenance contract with us as business partner for the next 5 years.

The environmental conditions were clearly formulated: A concept was to be worked out in which stable operation at ambient temperatures of -25° to +40° plus direct sunlight at 100% white luminance was possible. Further conditions were an ambient brightness of 0-150,000 lux, ambient humidity of 30-95% non-condensing and 24/7 operation. The overall system had to have the following technical components: LED modules (incl. power supplies, receiving cards, power & data cables), stron main distribution & signal distribution cabinet, power and data cables from the cabinet to the video board, LED controller, light and temperature sensor, interface for SNMP monitoring (hardware & software).

Impressions of the installation phase