LED perimeter System Outdoor

LEDCON has developed an LED strip system for outdoor use, which is especially designed for sports events that are broadcast on TV.

The popular LEDCON B-S series offers tailor-made marketing opportunities directly at the edge of the action, helping sponsors to maximise their return on investment.

The SMD "3 in 1" technology used enables optimum image reproduction even from different viewing angles. In addition, the high contrast ratio and high-frequency refresh rate ensure perfect vision for the viewer on location as well as critical reproduction in the camera image. Whether in daylight or floodlight - the LEDCON LED strip system guarantees excellent display of the content shown and a flicker-free television picture.

The LEDCON LED strip system is designed for fixed installations as well as for mobile applications.

Reliable quality management and the use of high-quality components in the production of LEDCON products are important key factors in this respect.

Of course all LEDCON advertising board systems are CE and EMV certified and meet the requirements of the FIFA/UEFA/DFL guidelines for LED advertising boards.